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May you please help me recover my data file. Thank you. A: You may use 7-Zip to recover your files. If you haven't used 7-Zip before, you should download and install it. You will be asked to download a file called 7-Zip 18.01. Windows (newest version) to a folder of your choosing. 7-Zip will run from that folder. You can download 7-Zip 18.01 from their website or from the software center. The guide on how to recover your files can be found here: When you think of brand guidelines, one name will probably be foremost in your mind – Nike. From FUSION running shoes to Free Run 3 running trainers, Nike’s range of running shoes have revolutionized the sport in the last 40 years. However, it’s not the only brand that has stood the test of time. Nike, Adidas and Puma all have a variety of brand guidelines, detailing everything from style and colour to the personality that these brands have successfully implemented into their shoes. However, with the recent popularity of online sales, more and more brands have started developing their own brand guidelines, to help their customers understand more about their shoe styles. By creating a brand guideline, you’re not only helping to showcase your brand personality, you’re also helping to build a customer loyalty. Below, we’ll take you through some of the best brand guidelines you can get your hands on, before you make your next purchase. Nike We’ll start off with the mother of all brand guidelines – Nike. Nike have a brand personality that is defined by it’s “Shoes That Inspire a New Generation” motto, helping Nike to stand out from the crowd. Nike’s brand guidelines for running shoes are located here. Adidas The German sports brand, Adidas has a brand personality that is defined by it’s “Adidas way” motto. Here’s a brand guideline for Adidas running shoes. Puma Puma’s brand personality is defined by their “Game of Life” motto, and here’s a brand guideline for Puma running shoes. Guidelines for all sorts of sports shoes If you� 01e38acffe How to use it Start it from your desktop and run the program. Enter the directory where your file is. Recover hard drive data by the process that the program automatically. Advantages Recover My Files can recover file data from all of the file system, including NTFS, FAT32, and exFAT. Speed and performance of the program are excellent. It's free, easy to use, and no data recovery program will be recognized. See also Data recovery Computer data recovery Data recovery software Data recovery Backup References External links Category:Windows-only software Category:Free data recovery software Category:Data recovery softwareThe Congress party has always opposed the Centre's demonetisation move, but some of its former union ministers are now making controversial remarks on the issue. Congress spokesperson Rajiv Shukla's reaction to the demonetisation decision of the government was "Bhangi thukana". "How it (demonetisation) affected poor people, there is no data. First, the Congress started talking about it. Their reactions were half-baked. What can they say. Their talk is Bhangi thukana. They have no right to say anything," said Mr Shukla on the issue. When the media pointed out that the Congress had indeed raised the issue during the last Lok Sabha polls, Mr Shukla said, "We do not need to tell Congress about the demonetisation". Interestingly, the Congress had won nearly half of the electoral votes in Haryana during the Lok Sabha polls. "There is no impact on Haryana and farmers. We are the biggest beneficiary of this decision, but there are some people who don't understand it," he said. When asked if the Prime Minister has made any blunder on the issue, Mr Shukla said, "We don't need to ask him questions. I have never spoken on it." Asked about the Congress's reaction to the Modi government's demonetisation move, Mr Shukla said, "Our reaction was premature, half-baked. There was no reaction." After being shunned by the BJP, the Congress had joined hands with regional parties like the Janata Dal (United) and the Biju Janata Dal in Bihar to form a government in the state. Asked if the H

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